Frequently Asked Questions


What plumbing services do you offer?

We provide comprehensive plumbing solutions, including repairs, installations, and maintenance for residential and commercial properties.

Are you a licensed plumber?

Yes, we are a licensed and certified plumbing company with experienced professionals ready to handle any plumbing issue.

Do you offer boiler heating services?

Absolutely! Our skilled technicians specialize in boiler installation, repairs, and maintenance to keep your home warm and cozy.

Can you assist with water heater installation?

Yes, we offer expert water heater installation services, ensuring you have a reliable and efficient hot water supply.

What is backflow testing, and do you provide it?

Backflow testing is crucial for preventing water contamination. Our team is trained to perform backflow testing to keep your water safe.

Do you offer drain cleaning services?

Yes, we have advanced equipment to provide thorough and efficient drain cleaning, eliminating blockages and restoring proper drainage.

Can you handle gas, water, and waste line repairs?

Absolutely! Our team is well-equipped to handle repairs for gas, water, and waste lines, ensuring your systems work flawlessly.

Are you a trusted heating contractor?

Yes, we are a reputable heating contractor with expertise in various heating systems to keep your property warm during the colder months.

What are the benefits of a tankless water heater?

Tankless water heaters offer energy efficiency, on-demand hot water, and space-saving advantages, making them a popular choice.

How often should backflow preventer testing be done?

Backflow preventer testing should be conducted annually to maintain its effectiveness in protecting your water supply.

Do you provide sewer repair services?

Yes, our skilled team can handle sewer repair and replacement, resolving any sewer line issues efficiently.

Do you offer emergency plumbing services?

Yes, we provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services to address urgent issues promptly and prevent further damage.

Are your plumbers experienced and certified?

Yes, our plumbers are highly experienced and certified professionals with a proven track record of delivering quality workmanship.

What types of water heaters do you install?

We install various types of water heaters, including tankless, traditional tank-style, and hybrid models, tailored to your specific needs.

Can you explain the importance of backflow prevention?

Backflow prevention is vital to protect the public water supply from contaminants and pollutants, ensuring the water remains safe for consumption.